National poll: Age, Race, and Gender of presidential nominee not important for most Democratic voters

An interesting tidbit from this new Quinnipiac Poll:


Democrats and Democratic leaners say 70 – 27 percent that age is not an important factor in their vote. Looking at other possible factors, these voters say:

  • 72 – 21 percent that political ideology is an important factor;
  • 67 – 23 percent that bipartisanship is an important factor;
  • 71 – 24 percent that standing up to Republicans is important;
  • 76 – 20 percent that electability is important;
  • 87 – 10 percent that sharing their views is important;
  • 84 – 13 percent, including 75 – 25 percent among black voters, that race is not an important factor;
  • 84 – 12 percent, including 83 – 14 percent among women, that gender is not important.

These categories are often elevated by political pundits, but they seem to have very little influence over actual voters, at least if they’re being honest with pollsters.

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