Cable news has long been full of Democratic and Republican party operatives, and probably shouldn’t be

Sarah Isgur Flores’s hire at CNN has provoked all of the usual liberal media criticism, which revolves around her being a Republican Party operative.

Some of this criticism is fair — can we really have impartial news coverage when a life-long hand for a political party is overseeing that coverage?

But let’s not kid ourselves. The news media is full of Democratic and Republican party operatives. It’s part of the reason that they tend to rally around party establishments — there are two groups of people who are quite rare in real life but all over cable news, conservatives who hate Donald Trump and liberals who hate Bernie Sanders — and why they give such short shrift to independent politics and politicians.

George Stephanopolous, for instance, is a Clinton campaign veteran; Marie Harf is an Obama State Department veteran, MSNBC’s Nicole Wallace is a Bush-Cheney alum. You could go on forever here.

The news media could be full of independent thinkers who don’t root for political parties established political parties nor gauge the worthiness of the news based on how much it helps those established parties and politicians. In that sense the criticism of Sarah Isgur Flores is on the mark. But the problem didn’t start with her and probably won’t end with her.

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