Barbara Lee endorses Kamala Harris, who spoke at AIPAC twice as Senator and has failed to support pro-Palestinian politics

California Democratic Rep. Barbara Lee often appears to be more left-wing than she really is, given that she represents Berkeley, California. When it comes to inter-party politics, she often defers to the party elite. For instance, on the DNC platform committee in 2016, she failed to support efforts by Bernie Sanders delegates to create a more pro-Palestinian platform.

It is not a surprise then that she endorsed California Democratic Senator Kamala Harris today:

Lee is known for adopting some more left-wing approaches to foreign policy, given that she was the only Member of Congress to vote against authorizing war after 9/11. But when it comes to actually moving politics in her direction, endorsements like that of Harris — who has spoken at AIPAC’s national conference twice and hasn’t signed onto any pro-Palestinian letters, unlike Vermont Independent Senator Bernie Sanders and Massachusetts Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren — shows that she isn’t as effective.

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