Julian Castro refused to call on Michael Bloomberg to apologize for discriminatory spying on Muslims

Former HUD Chief Julian Castro, who is basically not registering in presidential primary polls, sought to get some traction by becoming the first 2020 contender to call on Virginia Democratic Governor Ralph Northam to resign over engaging in an offensive prank 35 years ago (I think this is too harsh, but you can read more about that here.)

Calling for a man to resign is effectively terminating his political career, and is a pretty strident move. But it wasn’t necessarily politically risky, Northam has come under fire from all sides, and there wasn’t any political cost to asking him to resign.

During the 2016 Democratic convention, I asked Castro if former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg, who had a prime speaking spot at the event, should at least apologize for ordering comprehensive surveillance of innocent Muslim Americans. Not only did he decline to do so, he almost justified Bloomberg’s presence as a positive for the political party:

Julian Castro, secretary of Housing and Urban Development and a shortlist candidate for Clinton’s running mate, said, “What you see in the Democratic Party is a bigger tent party, and it is inclusive.”

You can decide for yourself what Castro’s commitment to anti-racist, anti-prejudice politics is.

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