Iowa poll shows Kamala Harris would lose to Donald Trump, Biden would defeat him, Sanders near a tie.

It’s interesting that California Democratic Senator Kamala Harris has picked up the support of a fair bit of the Clinton 2016 crew. Clinton herself is a fan of Harris, and the campaign has been aggressively hiring senior Clinton alums.

It’s interesting because the Clinton campaign in 2016 based its argument to persuade Democrats and independents to support their candidate versus Sanders on two prongs:

  1. Clinton is the most experienced candidate — she has held many different positions in government and will be able to hit the ground running on day one. Experience matters.
  2. Clinton is the most electable candidate. Americans will never elect an open socialist.

Both these arguments also apply to Harris. She has never passed a bill in the U.S. Senate and never held any kind of legislative position, given that she is a career prosecutor.

When it comes to electability, it appears that she also lags behind, according to a new Emerson poll of Iowa, a key swing state.



It’s also interesting that Biden is defeating Trump and Sanders is within spitting distance. However, Harris is losing soundly.

This may make you wonder if the Clinton machines arguments — based on electability and experience — were sincere. It could be that operatives basically just pick whatever candidate they favor and then build arguments from the ground up.

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